Brew Hub has announced a new Partnership and Release for South Florida – Keybilly Island Ale

As reported in a press release from PRNewswire, Brew Hub has partnered with home brewer Pat Kennedy to release Keybilly Island Ale. The beer is an Amber Ale 5.4% brewed with Key lime juice. It will be available in cans and on draft in South Florida. Gold Coast Beverage is the distributor.

170665/PRNewswire/ — Brew Hub, a company led by a team of beer industry executives and craft brewing experts, is introducing Keybilly Island Ale – a craft beer brewed with authentic, world-renowned Key lime juice. Keybilly Island Ale is the first beer in Brew Hub’s Craft Collection, a series of distinct craft beers the company plans to brew. Additional Brew Hub Craft Collection beers will be announced in the coming months.

The original concept for Keybilly Island Ale was developed by home brewer Pat Kennedy in Islamorada, Florida. Kennedy grew up in Fort Lauderdale but always spent weekends with his family in the Florida Keys. Kennedy moved to Islamorada in 2009 and soon began trying to brew a beer that would perfectly suit the island lifestyle.

After years of experimentation, Kennedy developed the perfect recipe for Keybilly Island Ale. The beer is a light amber ale brewed with American two-row barley, white wheat and Hallertau and Tettanger hops. Kennedy also adds just a hint of world-renowned Key lime juice to make Keybilly crisp, clean and perfectly suited to island life.

Kennedy began entering home brew contests, and in 2013 he began winning awards. In 2014 Keybilly Island Ale won three of four awards, including Best Overall Homebrew, Most Unique Brew, and the People’s Choice Award at the Brew on the Bay craft beer festival in Key Largo, Florida. After winning the awards Kennedy approached Brew Hub about brewing Keybilly and making it available to consumers throughout Florida.

Pat Kennedy is a passionate home brewer, and Keybilly Island Ale really took us by surprise,” said Tim Schoen, founder and CEO of Brew Hub. “The beer has a nice amber hue and a medium body, and it has just the slightest hint of Key lime which makes it really stand out among craft beers. We’re thrilled to have a partnership with Pat, and we’re really excited to make Keybilly Island Ale available throughout the state.”

“Partnering with Brew Hub is a dream come true for a home brewer,” said Kennedy. “I’ve been working for years to get the Keybilly recipe perfected, and now beer drinkers from all over are going to get a chance to taste Keybilly, which is really exciting.”

Keybilly is a slang term people in the Florida Keys use to refer to anyone who embraces the island lifestyle.

Keybilly Island Ale is 5.4 percent alcohol by volume (ABV) and will be available initially throughout South Florida in 12-ounce cans (six-packs) and on draft. Keybilly will be priced comparably to other premium craft beers, and it will be available beginning this month in bars, restaurants, grocery and convenience stores. The brand will be distributed throughout South Florida by Gold Coast Beverage Distributors. Brew Hub plans to expand Keybilly distribution to Tampa and Orlando later this year. Keybilly also will be available on draft in the tasting room at Brew Hub’s Lakeland, Florida, brewery.

Brew Hub opened its first craft brewery in Lakeland, Florida, in August. The Lakeland brewery is the first of a network of new, state-of-the-art craft breweries the company plans to build throughout the country. Brew Hub announced in September that the company will build its second craft brewery in St. Louis. Construction of the St. Louis brewery is expected to begin in April.

Brew Hub currently has partnerships with several award-winning craft brewers including Cigar City Brewing, Orange Blossom Pilsner, Green Man Brewing and BJ’s Restaurants and recently announced a new partnership with GolfBeer Brewing Company. Brew Hub partner brews beer for all five companies at its brewery in Lakeland, Florida. The company was founded by CEO Tim Schoen and Brew Hub President, Jerry Mullane. Brew Hub’s financial sponsor is a private investment firm, The Yucaipa Companies.

In addition to Lakeland, Florida, and St. Louis, Brew Hub plans to open at least three more breweries over the next five years. Specific markets will be determined based on demand, but the company is considering strategic locations in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Texas and on the West Coast. This network of Brew Hub facilities will allow craft brewers from across the country to enter new markets.

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Foothills Sexual Chocolate RElease Information

Foothills Brewing has a special event release each year as the fan favorite and almost cult classic Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout bottle release takes place at the companies Brewpub in Winston-Salem NC.  If you are planning to pick up some of this fantastic beer you will need to know the following information that was released by the brewery yesterday.

From the brewery –





Time once again to don your parka, pack up your sleeping bag and head to Foothills for our Annual Sexual Chocolate Imperial Stout Release on January 30 and 31. If you’ve been with us before for this most special of days, then the details below will be familiar to you. Read them anyway. If this is your first time, then congrats on scratching this particular shindig off your Craft Beer Bucket List. You too must read on carefully.


  • - Foothills will host its traditional Bottle Share Pre-Release Party on Friday night January 30th beginning at 7:00 pm, in the brewery portion of our brewpub at 638 West 4th Street in Winston-Salem. Here’s how it works: we open up the back of our brewpub to anyone and everyone who brings a bottle or two (or three or four) of their favorite rare, unique or coveted craft beer. Interpretation of that description is up to you, but show up with a 6-pack of Blue Moon and we’re not responsible for the incessant mocking which will certainly ensue. We’ll have Sexual Chocolate on tap at the bar, and appetizers to snack on if you’re famished.
  • - The line to buy Sexual Chocolate bombers (22-oz. bottles) will begin on the sidewalk outside the front door of the pub. You’re welcome to queue up any time after we close at 2:00 am the previous evening. So for once you don’t have to actually go home at closing time. NOTE: please do not, repeat, DO NOT, start lining up before we close. Violators will be sent to the back of the line and force-fed Lime-A-Ritas.
  • - City police officers will be on hand overnight. No doubt this will prove to be for cosmetic purposes only, since we all know what a well-behaved lot craft beer enthusiasts are. There’s a rumor that those nice officers will let you enjoy your own, um, refreshments until daylight. We can neither confirm nor deny . . . we will, however, refer you to the aforementioned good behavior. Wink wink nudge nudge.
  • - There’ll be portable restroom facilities in the back parking lot. We’re thoughtful like that
  • - Around 6:30 am we’ll all run a lap around the block. Only finishers get their beer. Just kidding. We’ll have our bleary-eyed but cheerful staff on hand at that time to distribute numbered wristbands to denote your place in line. (Captain Obvious says make sure you have your ID with you.)
  • - The pub will open at 8:00 am, Sexual Chocolate will be tapped and waiting (as will 14 other beers – viva le variété). We’ll also have breakfast available for purchase. You know, solid food. If that’s your thing.
  • Bottle sales will commence at 9:00 am. You’ll be summoned by your wristband number in groups of 50, whereafter you’ll pay for your bottles in the pub then proceed in somewhat orderly fashion to the brewery in back, where you’ll receive your beer.
  • - Bottles are $15 each, limit of 6 to a person. Any questions about that? Then the answer is 15 and 6. (btw that is an increase from the 4 bottle max of the past. You’re welcome.) We take all forms of payment — cash, credit cards, your firstborn . . .
  • - Bottles tend to get snapped up quickly. This is the part where we politely suggest that, if you want to partake in this beer, please please please plan accordingly. If you show up at 3 in the afternoon and complain bitterly that there’s none left, you will only create bad karma for yourself. That and the staff will be doing impressions of you until next year’s release.
  • - Another way to create bad karma? Trying to take the easy way out and asking us on Facebook/Twitter the best time to get in line. Please believe us when we say WE DON’T KNOW. Every year is different. So suck it up and come stand in line. Hang out. Make friends. Be one with us. Or, if you REALLY don’t want to camp out, you can buy a spot at the front of the line with proceeds going to charity. Details and link below.
  • - We don’t provide boxes or bags – that would expand our carbon footprint exponentially. Please bring something to safely cart away your newly purchased liquid treasures. How big you ask? About 6 bottles big.
  • - We will have plenty of Sexual Chocolate Rastal Teku glasses for sale ($15). They’re very cool. Somehow the beer tastes better in them.
  • Want to stay up to date on all the latest leading up to this event? Then follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Also check back to this blog, we’ll update it frequently with new info. In fact I just now added this sentence.
  • Headed here from out of town? The Winston-Salem Marriott (walking distance from the pub) has a special $89 rate just for Sexual Chocolate attendees.
  • Curious about the history of Sexual Chocolate? Read all about it here. Or watch an incredibly hip video about it here
  • Last but not least: it’s our 10th Anniversary. Expect surprises. Also be prepared to grab our limited edition anniversary t-shirt ($10) and pint glass ($5).
  • - No growler fills of Sexual Chocolate. And no growling about no growler fills.

Terrapin Beer Co.’s Mosaic Releasing Now

January 22, 2015 – Athens, GA

red rye

Terrapin Beer Co. has boldly stepped into 2015 with the release of Seasonal Sessions brew Mosiac Red Rye IPA. Making this release especially notable is that Mosaic is packaged in 12 oz. cans, launching a new direction for the brewery’s seasonal line. Starting with Mosaic, all Seasonal Sessions beers will be released in cans.

Mosaic Red Rye IPA was originally released as Side Project 19 in early 2013. The popularity of the brew prompted Terrapin to promote it to the Seasonal Sessions line as the 1st quarter release in 2014. Along with the beer itself, the beautiful original label art designed by Chris Pinkerton of Mackerel Graphics has also moved to the new Mosaic can, creating a can that’s worthy of display.

From the can:
Like a fine piece of art, Mosaic Red Rye IPA is masterfully created by using 100% Mosaic™ hops throughout the brew. With its aesthetically pleasing ruby red color and spatial depth from the rye malt, this hand crafted masterpiece leaves your palate’s canvas open to interpretation.

Malts: 2-Row Pale, Malted Rye, Munich I, Crystal 45, Crystal 65, Crystal 85
Hops: 100% Mosaic

ABV: 6.3%
IBU: 75
OG: 14.4

Mosaic Red Rye IPA is now available in 6-packs of 12 oz. cans and 1/6 BBL kegs throughout Terrapin’s distribution footprint.


Bayou Teche Brewing Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Sour Beer Release

persimmonArnaudville, January 21, 2015 – Arnaudville’s Bayou Teche Brewing is releasing their latest in a line of their very limited edition and innovative beers.  The beer, named 5 year Anniversary Sour is brewed in celebration of the anniversary of the brewery’s fifth year in business.  The beer is a German-style Berliner Weisse – a sour, tart, fruity, highly effervescent, spritzy, cloudy and refreshing ale traditionally brewed in Berlin.  The ale is first soured with lactobacillus, and then persimmon puree is added.  Fresh yeast is then pitched for the ale’s fermentation.  The resulting beer is then aged cold and then dry-hopped with Equinox hops to add a final herbal and funky complexity to the beer.

Customarily, Berliner Weisse’s are not brewed with fruit – just barley and wheat.  For their Cajun variation of the ale the brewers decided to add fresh persimmon. Says Bayou Teche’s Dorsey Knott, “We jokingly refer to our Berliner Weisse as a Bayouliner Weisse.  We decided to add persimmons because there are persimmon trees in nearly every yard in rural Louisiana.”  In early winter the residents of rural Acadiana harvest and eat the bold and brightly colored winter fruit.  Says Dorsey, “We have a grove of these trees on our family farm behind the brewery that we call Persimmon Pointe – we grew up eating them and still eat them fresh, in ice cream and persimmon bread too.”

Berliner Weisse is a top-fermented, wheat beer made with both traditional warm-fermenting yeasts and lactobacillus cultures. They have a rapidly vanishing head and a clear, pale golden straw-colored appearance. The taste is refreshing, tart, sour and acidic, with a lemony-citric fruit sharpness and almost no hop bitterness.  Brewmaster Gar Hatcher says that Berliner Weisse is “an unusual beer style brewed historically in Berlin. It’s on old beer whose lineage dates back at least to the Middle Ages. When Napoleon occupied Berlin in 1809, he dubbed Berliner Weisse the “Champagne of the north.”  To craft this ale Gar used French Pilsner malt to give this ale a bit fuller body than North American pilsner malt.  The Bayou Teche brewers feel that the French malts have a touch more roundness to them.

Unlike most beers, there is no residual sweetness in a Berliner Weisse whatsoever, which makes it an ideal warm-weather drink.  A tart Berliner Weisse can be very refreshing, especially on a hot afternoon, when you might be sitting outdoors.  It has a dry and a subtle fruity aroma, with a whip crack of acidity.  It is very dry, almost champagne-like and thus the finish is crisp, elegant, with just a very slight note of lemon and persimmon.  The nose is funky and barnyard, and Dorsey says that everyone at the brewery is extremely proud of how the 5 Year Anniversary Persimmon Sour turned out.  The brewery recommends serving the ale as an aperitif, or pairing with Eggs Benedict, a simply dressed salad, French fries topped with bacon, fried catfish, roasted pork or duck, and any buttery cheese, like Brie, Gouda and some of the earthier blues.

Bayou Teche Brewing has been widely recognized for their unique Cajun ales in the five years they have been in business.  The brewery has won five silver medals at the World Beer Championships and has been featured on the Food Network, and named best craft brewery in Louisiana by the Esquire Television Network.  Their LA-31 Biere Pale was named best beer brewed in Louisiana by Southern Living, and featured in Garden and Gun, Draft, Beer Advocate, All About Beer, Business Insider, Food and Wine, Imbibe and Martha Stewart Living.  They have also represented Louisiana at the Great American Beer Festival and invited three times to be presenters at Savor in Washington DC – the nation’s most prestigious beer and food pairing event.

5 Year Anniversary Persimmon Sour is packaged in 22 ounce Belgian-style bottles and will be initially available in the brewery’s Arnaudville tap-room.  The 5 Year Anniversary Persimmon Sour Release/Birthday Party is Saturday, January 31st from noon until 7pm.   There will be a Cajun Jam session from 11 until 1, and then live music will be provided by the Zydeco band Soul Creole.  Taco Sisters Food Truck will be on sight providing their tasty Cajun influenced tacos and burritos, and other dishes from their menu to complement Bayou Teche Brewing’s new sour ale.  The following weekend, the Avenue Pub hosts the New Orleans anniversary party and Persimmon Sour Ale debut. Beginning at 12:05 p.m., the pub will tap the birthday beer as well as other Bayou Teche barrel-aged favorites, along with the brewery’s seasonal Carnival beer, Courir de Mardi Gras.  Fittingly, three Mardi Gras krewes will be also be parading in front of the brewery’s New Orleans’ anniversary party – a fitting and appropriate way for Bayou Teche’s brewers to celebrate 5 years as a Louisiana business.

For more information contact Karlos Knott at (337) 303-8000; 1106 Bushville Hwy, Arnaudville, LA 70512;

~ published from press release

Buckhead Brewery & Grill Coyote Pale Ale

Yes – look at the history and current Head Brewer for Cigar City Wayne Wambles at one time brewed for Buckhead Brewery in the Tallahassee location.  If you are looking to brew an old Florida Pale Ale here is a good one to try your hand at!

Copper to deep copper in color with a citrus, carmel aroma and flavor.  Medium to high in bitterness.  Owner Gary Essex notes that this is an aggressively hopped beer but is one of the lower hopped pale ales and IPA’s that Buckhead sells..

OG 1054 (13.5 P)
IBU 41
Yield 5 U.S. Gallons

All Grain Version


  • 2 Row malt 11 1/3  pounds
  • Crystal 120 L 10 ounces
MASH grain at 150 F for 60 min.

Extract version – substitute for the 2 Row base malt 6.6 pounds Extra Light malt extract syrup  AND 7 ounces XL DME
OR 5 pounds 12 ounces XL DME.

Extract version – in boil pot, steep specialty grains in water at 150F for 30 min. Remove grain, then add malt extract, fill kettle to 6 US gallons and bring to a boil. Look for a target gravity of 10545(11.25 P)

Hops – total boil time is 60 min

  • Amarillo 4/5 oz for 60 min for 28 IBU
  • Amarillo 2/5 oz for 15 min for 6 IBU
  • Amarillo 1 1/3 oz at end of boil for 8 IBU

Yeast – cool wort as quickly as possible and pitch:
Wyeast 1056 American Ale or White Labs 001

For Ale yeast start fermentation at 68 F until Kraeusen develops and leave in carboy or fermentation vessel until all signs of fermentation are complete. (6-7 days total)Rack to a secondary carboy and cool temp and age for 2weeks before bottling or kegging.

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