Bayou Tech Brewing Expands with new Brewhouse from Simatec

Bayou Tech Brewing Expands with new Brewhouse from Simatec


Karlos Knott, President of Bayou Teche Brewing, had a ribbon cutting ceremony on their newly finished brewery expansion on June 15.  Bayou Teche Brewing has just completed the expansion project at their Arnaudville brewery – the square footage of the building’s facilities was increased by fifty percent, which includes an extension of new office space, and the installation of an automated keg washing system.  “The most exciting addition was the installation of our new fully-automatic and smart brewhouse from Italian manufacturer Simatec, with the guidance and expertise of Aizoon,” said Karlos Knott. “Though, many of these brewery systems have been installed in Europe, Bayou Teche’s is the first fully-automatic and scalable of its kind in North America.”


From the initial design stage, Bayou Teche Brewing worked closely with business and technical experts from Aizoon, a technology company with offices in the North East. Aizoon supported Bayou Teche through the brewhouse selection process and together identified in Simatec’s brewhouse the best fit to support the brewer’s growth strategy. Bayou Teche worked with Aizoon on the design and implementation of the new technology, employing all the software and hardware needed to create their vision of a more resourceful and smart brewery.



The Simatec brewhouse has unique multifunctional capabilities and a modular design (Mash, Boil and Whirlpool in one vessel), which offers game changing operational and energy efficiency, and was conceived with future production expansions in mind.  Bayou Teche’s new smart brewhouse will not only increase production cycle volumes and speeds (up to 13-batches in 24hrs), but as volumes grow, they will be able to easily increase the amount of beer they can brew daily. Bayou Teche invested in a 2x20BBL system, which has the ability to add two additional multi-vessels, creating an eighty barrel brewhouse. This scalability allows Bayou Teche to optimize their financial exposure better than other traditional technologies, enabling the required aggressive growth of their brewhouse.


Bayou Teche needed to cope with the increase in sales of their year-round LA 31® line of core beers and seasonal beers, as well as the continual growth of the Ragin’ Cajuns™ Genuine Louisiana Ale and Lager brands that the brewery brews in conjunction with the University of Louisiana.   Aizoon helped execute on this growth strategy. Bayou Teche Brewing distributes their beers throughout Louisiana and Texas.  For the expansion, the brewery worked with partners such as Nations Loan of Mandeville, Citizens Bank and Trust of Covington, and the USDA.

About Bayou Teche:

Bayou Teche Brewing was founded on one simple dream – to craft beers that complement the cuisine and lifestyle of Cajuns and Creoles.  With that mission, the Knott brothers decided on St. Patrick’s Day in 2009 to convert a discarded rail road car into a farmhouse brewery. Today, in the converted old rail car near the banks of the Bayou Teche, innovative ales are being crafted true to the brewers’ original intent – beers that complement the unique foods and lifestyles of South Louisiana.


About Aizoon:  Aizoon is a multi-national company that designs, integrates, maintains and support smart technology to improve processes, enhance logistics, and refine systems used by Craft Brewers.  Aizoon offer top quality brewing equipment, automated solutions for storage and distribution, RFID for keg tracking, software and cyber security services to make the brewhouse more productive, efficient, and secure.


About Simatec: Simatec Impiantibirra is leader in the beer plant engineering and manufacturing. More than ten years of hands-on experience in the brewing industry, and the tight collaboration with some of the best master brewers in Europe, allow Simatec to claim leading expertise in all aspects of brewhouse operations, including two international patents. The first one is a whirlpool paddle that converts a kettle into a brewhouse and the second patent is for the modular brewhouse, with proven benefits in terms of higher productivity and sustainable growth.

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