Michigan’s HomeGrown Brewing releases a style from Down Under!

HomeGrown Brewing Company releases trending Aussie-style beer



OXFORD, MI, August 11, 2017 ~ (PR) HomeGrown Brewing Company has just released a unique seasonal beer in a style that is taking off in US breweries – the Australian Sparkling Ale. The beer style, using an Australian hop and yeast strain is the only original type from “down under”. Australian Ale has grown a cult following among craft beer drinkers in America and Canada.



Head brewer Joe Powers spent eight years in Australia and New Zealand, studying the craft beer scene. “They have a lot to contribute to our brewing community here in the US, and I always loved the Sparkling Ale,” said Joe. “It has a very distinctly Australian hop flavor, and the character of the yeast is rare in US beer varieties. Don’t let the name fool you, this is no light-weight contender in the beer scene, it’s taking off as a style – it’s going to be huge. We’ve named our The Budgie Smuggler, and at 5.7% ABV it kind of sneaks up on you. ”


Owner of the family-run brewery in Oxford, John Powers, said experimenting with seasonal beers is one of the most exciting things about HomeGrown. “We have a very collaborative brewing culture here in Michigan so it makes sense that we try new styles and bring in some new ideas,” John said. “We are focused on making craft beer more approachable so we have our six flagship beers that are great examples of their style, but then we like to keep the connoisseurs interested with something new, like this Aussie ale.”

Brewing “All-Michigan”


HomeGrown has enjoyed enormous success, and support from the community since opening in April. Over 400 people attended the grand opening, mug-club pre-sales sold out, and the brewery has sold over 15,000 pints. The local family behind the business, the Powers, has been busy growing the business. “Our biggest sellers seem to be our IPA, Oxford Ale, and Witbier, but our Whamber – an original style we coined – is also proving very popular,” said Joe. “We also got a great response to our seasonal Michigan IPA, which we made from all-Michigan ingredients. To be able to source everything from hops to yeast in our own state is incredible, and makes for a top-quality beer.”