Excolatur debuts at the Garage on Saturday

ATLANTA, GA (Feb, 2018): Excolatur, Monday Night Brewing’s newest release from the Garage, is a one-of-a-kind beer.

Excolatur (pronounced echo-lahtour) is Latin for “development.” The result of over two years of aging in Bourbon and rum barrels, this dark sour benefits from an additional four months over Montmorency cherries. The combination of lactobacillus and pediococcus give Excolatur a clean sourness with just enough funk to remind you it is, like the fox on the bottle, wild and untamed.


“When I think of this beer, I think of a dark, double barrel aged, pretty agreeable dark sour. We get a lot of barrel expression from the rum and Bourbon barrels, and then we added another source of sugar with the Montmorency cherries,” said head brewer and barrel program director Peter Kiley. “This is truly a one-of-a-kind beer that I’m not sure we can make again, so let’s enjoy it while we have it.”

With an acidity similar to wine and a 9.7% ABV, Excolatur pairs well with a great steak, chocolate-covered cherries, or an outdoor fire pit with friends.

Excolatur makes its bottle debut at Monday Night Brewing’s Garage Saturday, February 7 from 12 noon until 10 pm. The beer will be available on draft and 500 ml bottles will be available for to go purchase.

Look for Excolatur in Georgia and Alabama markets by mid February.

Photos available here. Please credit Monday Night Brewing.



Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday Night Brewing grew out of a Bible study. Founded by Jonathan Baker, Joel Iverson and Jeff Heck, Monday Night Brewing exists to deepen human relationships over some of the best beer of country. Head Brewer Peter Kiley oversees barrel-aging and souring at their brand new facility, the Garage, in Atlanta’s Lee + White project on the southwest side of Atlanta. More details can be found here.