Burnt Stone Brewing

This brewery is still alive and well in Athens, Ga but has become Copper Creek Brewing.  The recipes presented here are from 2001.  The original brewery was an extract brewery, with a modified mash tun added at a later date.  The recipes presented here for Burntstone are extract based but we have added to each recipe a conversion for grain to extract you can use if you want to re-create these as all-grain formulations.


The original brewer, Matt Buley is still manning the kettle.  He worked with John Gayer at Blind Man Ales when it was open in the mid to late 90’s and also was a partner in one of Athens home brew stores, Normal Brew, opened in 1994 in the Normal Town area of Athens, Georgia off Prince Avenue.  Copper Creek rotates 39 beer styles year round.  If you can plan it, make sure to stop by Copper Creek the first Wednesday of each month for an English Cask tapping!  Tuesday you can order $2 house brews – just another reason to stop by Copper Creek and check out Matt’s creations on Washington Street in Athens.

The Beers

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