Hilltop Brewing, Virginia Beach, VA


Hilltop Brewing, Virginia Beach, VA. – Dale Klug

Dale is currently a partner and the brewer for Hill Top Brewing.  His previous career as a biochemist and consultant allowed him extensive travel throughout the United Kingdom and continental Europe, as well as Russia and China thus allowing him to experience the vast array of beers throughout there regions.

Originally a graduate from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with a degree in biology, Dale continued his education with a graduate degree in biochemistry at Villanova and further obtained a dual graduate degree from Webster University in Business Management.


Dale has won some minor local awards for his beers but as a rule he tries not to participate in “such subjective judgment activity, regardless of how scientific it may outwardly appear.”  Rather than the award, he takes view of the “reward”, and there are few things more rewarding than hearing a customer laud his beers, especially when he is in the restaurant and the speaker is unaware that he is the brewer and listening!

The brewery is an 8.5 BBL Saaz system with three 8.5 BBL fermenters and one 17 BBL fermenter.  Dales utilizes 5 serving tanks, and the brewery is steam fired.  The brewery is open to the pub without a protective barrier aside from a standup bar.  Dale loves the plant and offers up praise and thanks to John Mallett for all of his efforts in making it work.

Hilltop is located about a mile and a half from the beach on Laskin Road.  Hilltop has 150 seats with half in the pub and the other half in the dining room.  The pub area features the brew house in a wood and tile environment, while the dining area is more intimate and is all non-smoking.

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