Marthasville Brewing Company, Atlanta, GA

Sweet Georgia Brown Ale

This recipe is a rough copy of the flagship beer of Marthasville Brewing Company. The cloudy, original Martha’s Pale Ale was the original brew but SGB was the most popular brand. Now defunct, Martha’s was Atlanta’s first microbrewery founded by Michael Gerard in 1994. I enjoyed cleaning kegs with John Cochran back in those early days.


  • 2 row malt 9 1/4 pounds
  • Crystal 10 2 # 11 oz
  • Crystal 60 1 pound
  • Chocolate 1 oz
  • Black patent 1 oz
  • Honey 1/4 pound

Mash grain at 152 F for 60 min.

Extract version substitute 6 pounds XL malt extract syrup or 4 3/4 # XL DME for the 2 row malt

Add honey to the last 10 min. of the boil


Extract version – steep specialty grains in water at 150 F for 30 min. Remove grain and add malt extract – fill kettle to 6 gallons and bring to a boil. Look for a target gravity of 12.5 P or 1050.


  • Northern brewer .25 oz 90 min or 7.7 IBU
  • Pearle 3/5 oz 60 min or 8.8 IBU
  • Liberty 1/5 oz 15 min or .5 IBU
  • Pearle 1/5 oz 15 min or 1.7 IBU


cool wort as quickly as possible and pitch Wyeast 1338 German Ale

Ferment 68F until signs of fermentation are complete. Rack to secondary carboy for 2-3 weeks and bottle or keg.


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