Max Black

Max Black is a dark German lager.  The lager yeast produces flavors that complement the darker malt flavors of this fine beer.

OG 1058 (14.5 P)
IBU 40
Yield 5 US gallons

All Grain Version

  • BOHIEMIAN Pilsner malt 53.33% or 6 pounds 5 ounces
  • MUNICH II malt  26.67% or 3 pounds 3 ounces
  • CARAMUNICH III malt 6.67% or 13 ounces
  • Carafa I malt 6.67% or 13 ounces
  • MELANOIDIN malt 6.67% or 13 ounces

MASH grain for 60 min at 154 F.  John uses slightly soft water, add 1/3 ounce CaSO4 to mash after hydrating in water for 15 minutes.  Mix salts in with mash when you are about ¾ done doughing in.

Extract version – substitute for the 2 Row and Dark Munich malts 3.3 pounds Ireks Amber malt extract syrup AND 1 pound 10 ounces XL DME AND ½ pound crushed Dark Munich malt.

EXTRACT version – in boil pot, steep specialty grains in 3 gallons water at 150F for 30 min. Remove grain, then add malt extract, fill kettle to 6 US gallons and bring to a boil. Look for a target gravity of 1048 (12 P)

HOPS – total boil time is 60 min

  • Northern Brewer 1 2/5 oz for 60 min and 40 IBU
  • Mt. Hood 1 4/5 oz end of boil

Note – Jon does not include finishing hops in his IBU totals. In the event you do not have a hop back just add the hops to the boil pot at the end of the boil.

YEAST – cool wort as quickly as possible and pitch White Labs 830 German Lager or White Labs 001 to make a clean ale version of this beer.

For Lager Yeast: Start Fermentation at 52 F until Kraeusen develops and then drop temp to 45 F until the fermentation ends (around 12 days). Warm to 54 F and leave for 2 days. Drop temp by 3-5 F per day until 33 F is reached. Lager for 5 to 6 weeks before bottling or kegging.

For ale yeast: Ferment at 68 F until Kraeusen drops and leave in the fermenter for 2 more days before transferring to a secondary carboy (6 – 8 days total). Condition for 2-3 weeks and then bottle/keg.

Max Lager’s – Atlanta, GA