Multi Max

Multi Max is described as a “Multi Grain Wheat” beer, and that it is! Brewed with barley, wheat, and rye malts as well as oats, Jon has just about every grain covered here. Belgian White yeast adds the tangy, acidic flavor characteristic of the Belgian White Ale style.

OG 1044 (11 P)
IBU 15
Yield 5 US gallons

All Grain Version

  • 2 Row malt 4 pounds 6 oz.
  • Wheat Malt 2 pounds 13 oz
  • Rye malt 1 pound 10 oz
  • Flaked Barley 1/2 pound
  • Flaked Oats 1/2 pound

Extract version – substitute for the 2 row and wheat malts 2.75 pounds XL Dried Malt Extract AND 1.5 pounds Wheat DME AND 1/4 pound 2 row malt to steep.

MASH grain for 60 min at 150 F

EXTRACT version – in boil pot, steep specialty grains plus the 1/4 pound 2 row malt in 2 gallons water at 150F for 30 min. Remove grain, then add malt extract, fill kettle to 6 US gallons and bring to a boil. Look for a target gravity of 1037 (9.1P)

HOPS – total boil time is 60 min

  • Brewers Gold 1/2 oz for 60 min and 15 IBU
  • Cascade 2/5 oz end of boil
  • Czech Saaz 1/4 oz at end of boil

Note – Jon does not include finishing hops in his IBU totals. In the event you do not have a hop back just add the hops to the boil pot at the end of the boil.

YEAST – cool wort as quickly as possible and pitch White Labs 400 Wit Yeast.

Ferment at 68 F until Kraeusen drops and leave in the fermenter for 2 more days before transferring to a secondary carboy (6 – 8 days total). Age 3 to 4 weeks and bottle/keg.

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